Collective Unrest


Two Photos

January 23, 2019

Follow the Money

I took this shot of a manikin standing outside a thrift store in Ocean Beach, San Diego, CA.  An assemblage of symbolic meanings captured in one photograph forms a snapshot in time of America. The Universe of the Moment created the assemblage.

Your Business Here

Contrast between the message on a bench at a bus stop, and the figure of a woman seated on the bench. The assortment of “things” she has gathered around her invokes a story, and the irony of this juxtaposition.




Gwyn Henry pursues her interests in Photography, Art, and Video Art as a natural continuum from years spent as a professional musician, dancer, choreographer, teacher, and director of an ensemble of movement artists for her Moving Image Poems video art. Her photography, mosaics, assemblages, fabric art, and video art, have been presented in installations, curated art festivals, gallery shows, and film screenings in the San Diego area. Her art video, “Her Chariot, Her Self”, was featured on San Diego Public Television series, “Creative Collaborations”. Gwyn lives and makes art in Escondido, California. Visit her Digital Art and Photography website at:

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