Collective Unrest


Small Ways to Contribute

Change doesn’t happen over night. We understand how powerless you may feel under the Trump administration, but there are small things you can do to promote positivity, encouragement, compassion, and love. Here’s an incomplete list of challenges we have for you:

Tell a woman how powerful she is today.

If you are unsure, ask someone what their pronouns are.

Learn about microaggressions. Identify your own. Actively work towards eliminating them.

Take a homeless person to coffee.

Quit using plastic straws. If you love straws, try a stainless steel option.

Use bar soap instead of liquid body wash.

Bike or walk to school, work, your friends’ houses, etc.

Call your Congressperson about changes you wish to see made.

Acknowledge and seek to understand your privilege.

Avoid buying bottled water. Carry around a sustainable water bottle.

Spend time researching local nonprofits.

Share an inspirational quote with a stranger.

Ask a stranger what they’re passionate about.

Write a kind note to leave somewhere.

Go vegan or vegetarian. If you aren’t willing to do that, try eating primarily pescatarian, or only grass-fed, farm-raised meat.

Donate 5 dollars to a local nonprofit.

Volunteer at a local nonprofit.

Send a letter to a prisoner.

Compliment a stranger.

Help clean up a beach or highway.

Volunteer to tutor unprivileged or refugee children.

Compliment a woman on something other than her appearance.

Spread mental health awareness, help to battle stigmatization.

Listen to someone without offering your advice. Learn the power of being present without attempting to problem-solve.

Adopt an animal, save a life.

Avoid dehumanizing criminals, addicted individuals, homeless people, etc.

Donate to the family of a victim of police brutality or school shooting.

Familiarize yourself with Campaign Zero.